Pick the perfect shoe for yourself based on your foot type

Sometimes you have an important meeting in a week or a romantic date with someone special. You take time and decide what to wear but fail to find the perfect match for your feet. Clueless, you look online for immediate solutions and order something extremely uncomfortable. For you to avoid such situations, here is a list of the type of shoes based on your foot type that you should purchase online.

1. Open-toed Pumps

If you have broad feet, then your toes require ample space to breathe. Open-toed pumps with cross-over straps make your feet look slender and provide enough comfort to your toes. Even if you go for closed shoes, make sure they are widened in the front, unlike the ballerinas. Using the Amazon UAE coupon codes, you can find yourself a perfect pair and understand the difference yourself.

2. Kitten Heels

For women with narrow feet, they require a good fit, pair of shoes to hold their feet at more than one junction. Kitten heels are short stiletto heels that can be worn in your workplace. Other than little Kitten heel shoes, narrow feet women can experiment with Mary Jane or French heels that are equally helpful. 

3. Stilettos

Women can also try out stilettos. They are sexy, they are cheap, and they go with all sorts of outfits. They are slender and are capable of holding your feet right in its place if you have narrow feet. Dresses, gowns, or office wear, stilettoes are versatile footwear.

4. Strappy Wedges

For women with flat feet, it is recommended that you stick to wedges. It is difficult for flat feet people to handle the elevation of high-heels as their foot does not get the right amount of support. Strappy, colorful wedges with prints or solid colors make their feet feel great and comfortable. 

5. Sandals

Sandals are recently very popular and proven to be very healthy for your feet. It can be worn by all the women of different foot types, and at the same time, these are comfortable with shock-absorbent footbed. It is mostly ideal for women with flat feet as it ensures 100% comfort for their foot type. You can find a range of sandals using the Amazon UAE coupon codes. 

According to our research, most women make the same mistake while buying shoes online. They completely overlook what foot type they belong to and order something that causes pain and deformity. To solve this problem, we have offered you a list of options that will suit your feet, and keep your body and mind healthy for a long time.

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