How to Choose Products for a Home Game Room

The first thing is to determine the space that you have available and what you want in the room.  At we specialize in poker & casino related items.  There are usually 2 or more sizes available for most tables.  Poker tables are usually 84” x 42” to 96” x 48” but they can be made smaller or up to 10 feet long.  Blackjack tables are usually approximately 84” x 42” or 72” x 36”.  Roulette tables can be 84” x 42” to 96” x 48” or larger.  Craps tables can be as small as 6 foot long, most are between 8 feet and 12 feet but can be up to 14 feet long.

You can get standard products in stock.  Many are imported and are of poor quality.  We offer tables that are price competitive but also have upgraded materials & some of the features of more expensive tables.  If you need to set up and store tables then the tables with folding metal legs are quite convenient for that.  We also have tables with wooden legs that are easy to take down, if necessary, but they look nicer when they are up. We usually have all four types of tables in stock so they will all match.  We have several different versions of poker tables with various bases and accessories including tables up to 9 feet long.

If you are not on a limited budget, I would suggest that you consider getting custom made tables. They can be moderately priced or range up to full casino quality tables.  The custom tables are better quality, you can choose the colors of various parts, choose the type of base for the tables as well as what accessories you want.  Some of the most popular accessories are custom felt designs, automatic card shufflers, LED lights with a remote to change colors & USB phone charging ports.  You can see prices and examples of these various tables by clicking on these links: stock poker tables, custom poker tables, craps tables, blackjack tables, roulette table, drink & snack side tables, poker chairs and custom chips.

We can make some tables so that you can play more than one game on a particular table.  We can provide pool tables, shuffleboard tables, tables for 6 different game or 13 different games.  We offer chairs, custom poker chips, custom felts, accessories – everything you will need for your table games for your room.


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